Quand je serai grand… – Diploma project

Here’s my diploma project, realised for the french ecologic foundation Goodplanet !
Some garbages are talking of their dreams…

Art direction, redaction, realisation & animation : Anaïs Guigue
Voice over : Valérie Bescht & Amélie Jouve
Music : Sun – Alan Špiljak

Métro – Boulot – Auto…

Who’s never been stucked in his car for hours to go to work ? Who’s never been mashed with thousand of people in a subway to go to the office ?

Each day, Marc spends 56 minutes to go to his office.
How can we reduce time spent in public transports or in our car to go to work ?

Art direction, redaction, realisation & animation : Anaïs Guigue
Voice over : Valérie Bescht – https://www.valnvoices.com/

Music : Some of these days – the Underscore Orkestra
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

“Tous les mêmes !” / “All the same !”

I’m proud to present you the 1st version of my project “Tous les mêmes!” (“All the same !”) on which I’ve been working lately. I am happy because I’ve finally the opportunity to work on a thematic I feel really concerned by, and I hope this video will change mentalities about feminism and men.

Feel free to share in order to make a change in the world ! 😉
Subtitles are coming soon.